Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Baaaack! ! !

Well vacation is over ant its now back to work. I spent a lot of time down on the Island, that is Amelia and it was wonderful, the weather was much more mello with a few flakes one day and a few days below freezing. By the way sales were below normal and sort of chilly and that is what everyone in the industry was saying. Boy this last year was bad, we probably lost at least 5 Bass Boat Manufacturers and the Trade Shows were very low in attendance, The Boston Boat Show was a slice of itself, I hope things get better, it would be good for all of us.

Lost one Back Up Camera and received a new one, Take a look at it, it might come in handy, that is if you don't know how to back up.

By the way looking out the window at my Jet under wraps, the day is comming soon when I can remove it and do some DONUTS, can't wait.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Merry Chirstmas & Happy New year

Folks, Gone till next year, have a great one.......Mike

Monday, September 20, 2010

What an Event ! !

I am writing this because 0f the fantastic day we had on Fort Meadow. The city of Marlboro had a 350 year Anniversary and decided to have a day on the water, it started at 9:00 am with a a paddle around the Lake for kayakers, row boats and even sail boats, it was the quietest event of the day. The next event was at the noon hour and was a ski event, there were jumpers, bare footers, slalom skiers, single skiers and the chairs. The show went on for about an hour and a half with no stopping, the audience on the beach was delighted as they ate their food and desserts. The finale started about 4:00 pm and was the Boat
Parade, this was a great success. We had over 35 boats dress up, from Noah's Ark, to UP (taken from the Pixar Movie, to a Golf Green (on a pontoon boat with an actual golf cart on it). They all had a chance to parade around the Lake and then go before the judges stand. The winner was the pontoon boat that looked like the house from "Up". The days event went so well that we are going to plan a similar one next Labor Day. By the way we use to have a event like this but some how it got lost in Budget Upheavals, we'll were BACK.

Don't forget to check out the Bass Boat and Jet Ski Covers We have on our web site


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day, what a Day ! ! !

Greetings, Marlboro had a great Labor Day, How great , well we had a Kayak Run in the morning, a Ski Show in the early afternoon and a Boat Parade in the late afternoon and the next day a Greta Fireworks Show. This hasn't happened in over 15 years on the lake, somehow we lost it. Well it's back the Fort Meadow Commission, of which I am a part of will try to resurrect the gr3eat day on Fort Meadow Reservoir.

There will be a major difference and that is the Jet Ski, as an owner I will try to bring in some events that only Jet Skis will Participate in. I am thinking of the Jets doing tricks and maybe a race around a set course. We'll see how it goes.

You now know that it is just about Fall and with Fall comes and time to think about getting you Jet ready for the sleep till spring. Think about, a cover for your Jet or Bass Boat, straps to tie it down, a backup camera (like the included picture) or maybe a GPS, so you can find your boat in the Spring.

Talk with you later....


Monday, August 23, 2010

An Old Article and some talk


This is a great article. I received a call from a gentleman and he said that he had heard so much about the EZ Riser Bass Boat Flexible Boarding Ladder that he wanted to test it and than write about it. I could not have been more Happy. It came out with Flying colors, just sooo COOOL.

The season is dying down and my car is covered totally with leaves (had it been snow I would have died). Anyway you people out there need to follow my Blog and do some buying off my web site, I need to eat. Really I can eat, just not much.

As I mentioned in my last entry, new pricing is now in effect and I have seen an increase in sales,
seems like you were on the right track.

Starting this month I will be looking for new products to add to the line so if you believe that I should have a product that will sell well to the general masses than drop me a line. I will always listen to you the smarter person in this conversation.

Make sure you take a look at the Jet Ski and Bass Boat Winter Covers I promote through the EZ Riser Web Site as they are pretty good and inexpensive for what you get. I use the one for the Jet Ski and find it does the job over the winter as I leave mine in the yard and have had not problems. For the price I could not beat it.

Later Mike

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Greetings from Fort Meadow Lake in Massachusetts, home of the original EZ Riser Jet Step and where it all began, where I am going to have a Plaque on the Lake in honor of the first product. The days are slowly passing by and I coulsd care less, it is warm 95, humid 92, and cold 55, you couldn't ask for a better mixed iup bag of weather. But riding on the lake at any of these times is great, as we have a sort of short season. Someday they say they will be growing Grapes in this region, thats a big change from the intense 4 seasons we get in New England.

Enough about the weather, have you seen the new pricing on the Web Site, I think it's great and I hope you do as well. I will be sending you an email, all who have purchased from me on thwe new sale pricing hoping you'll give me a little kick at the end of the season, I do need to eat too.

Well, I need to get down to the beach and think about my next product. With luck, it should be available within a month or so and will be a addition to everyone who fills their Jet or boat via a gas can.

See you soon.....


Sunday, July 25, 2010

NEW Pricing is Here ! ! !


I have some EXCITING AND GREAT NEWS, first of all, Welcome Aboard.

The latest is the PRICING of selected products on the EZ Riser Web Site. I have reviewed what is out there and have decided that there needs to be new pricing. The original pricing was based on what the manufacturer stated as a fair price for their product. That is the point at where I started at, well the products have been out there for a year now and although I sell a lot I was not in sync with my competitors. I went back to my vendors and negotiated new pricing to match the current environment and what my competitors out there were doing.

Who wins in this, both of us, me for being able to sell more products and you for buying at a rate equal to the Big boys out there.

Some examples of the new pricing are the Water Proof Products that you use for you Crack Berry, MP3 Player and Head Phones. The C O O L Bottle is now competitively priced @ under $15.00, a price swing down of 40%. The GPS is now at least 10 % (percentage) points below what it was, all for our benefit. There is more, just stop by and take a Look - See.

Till next time,